Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pretty much the same

Too warm weather makes my brain melt, which in turn makes playing Starcraft 2 quite hard and annoying, therefore I am left with a shitload of time and nothing to do.

That was the introduction, so welcome to my blog, since this is just a first post, I don't know yet what the blog will be about. The name of the blog is unrelated I was just eating some bacon strips when I thought of making it. But I won't bore you with stupid facts of my usual day, therefore I present to you a picture of my lunch:

Looks neat and tastes good even in this heat.

One of the topics I will regularly cover in my blog will be DotA and it's scene around Slovakia and Czech Republic. I play for the best team there is, so the sponsoring is really nice and all but generally there's a great lack of leagues and competitions. There's like 3 LAN parties yearly, and as good as they are (LANCRAFT) it's still uncomparable with the situation in, I don't know, Bulgaria. And no offense to the Baltic, but I'm sure we can do better than them, yeah...

Besides that, I am currently reading the Witcher by Sapkowski. A really great fantasy book, which I would recommend to anyone. What I like the most is the complexity of the characters and their motivations. They're not so straightforward and clear from the start like in, for example, LotR.

Yeah, right now I'm pretty much out of random ideas to share with teh interwebz, so thanks for reading,
Over n' out.


  1. the witcher is a great book, nice post, looking forward to more of your posts. hopefully you might be able to pick up some unhealthy eating habits from my blog :)

  2. dota? is there a starcraft II dota? or is it still on warcraft III? I've never picked up sc2.

    also if you're looking for a good dota-like game look up: league of legends